Unwind Your Mind With a Relaxing Massage in Bismarck, ND

Rest and relaxation are your ticket to a better week

Whether you’re interested in a healing touch session or a regular massage, you can trust the experienced team at Guided Hands Therapeutic Massage. Our licensed massage therapists are fans of taking a breather in Bismarck, North Dakota. When the stress is piling on, your body suffers. Be proactive and take care of yourself. Scheduling a massage treatment from Guided Hands will put the pep back in your step.

Lean on a massage therapist from Bismarck, ND for support

Lean on a massage therapist from Bismarck, ND for support

Be kind to yourself during exhausting seasons. Contact us at 701-226-7207 for more information about:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Ear candling
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Trigger-point release therapy
  • Swedish massage
  • Infant massage and infant massage instruction
  • Foot reflexology
  • Myofascial release
  • Cranial-sacral therapy
  • Hot stone massage
  • Healing touch

Infant Massage:

Dralinn has been a licensed infant massage instructor since 1998, When you book your session also ask how you can learn techniques that you can practice at home on your little one. Infant massage can soothe many physical discomforts by applying gentle pressure to different parts of the body. Ailments such has congestion and gas can be soothed, as well as preparing the intestines and lungs for their new functions.

We offer 30 and 60-minute sessions for healing touch or 60 and 90-minute sessions for hot stone massages. For the safety of your body, the longest massage service we offer is two hours long.